Monday, August 16, 2010

The Perils of Humor In Law Enforcement

The case mentioned in the video below has been a horrible, horrible thing that has deprived some fine officers of their good names and embittered others.

We are human. We have a need to release some of the pain and pressure we experience. Some of the video appears racist, sexist, and homophobic. But who has not gone a little far into those realms to tell in-jokes meant to entertain a brother or sister?

The officers of that station needed cheering that year: In the months prior one officer was gravely wounded and his partner expired in the arms of his co-workers.

They were gunned down by a gangster with an AK-47. To add salt to the wound, the DA refused to seek the death penalty. It is a hard thing, in this day and age, to be politically correct and still feel for the public, who thinks us either too robotic, or too angry.

The best that can be said about this is that it's almost over. Most of my friends that were invloved already took deals and are trying to get on with their careers.

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