Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recovering From The Pee-Pee Slap

Well, I think I am recovered, at least partially, from having my hopeful writer's pee-pee slapped by the vast and brutal hand of reality.

This weekend was a very nice time spent with my girls and running Greedy Little Bastards. We went and watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. I found it the best of the movies since the first, but that may be because of the mermaids (Oh man, the mermaids), or Penelope (Oh man, Penelope.).

I also resumed work on Bridge Of The Broken, something I have been unable to dig into with any real fervor since the pee-pee slap. It is flowing well, and rather pleasantly fast. I am hoping to keep it thundering along.

And as Peter said, "It's not over until you quit."

I don't plan to quit, that's certain.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Shit I've Heard Lately

These are all exact quotes.

"I wouldn't have done it, but my daughter screams and screams until my sister sings to her."

"The officer was just pissed, so he gave me a ticket."

"What do you mean I have to get my license before you'll reduce the fine?"

"What you mean I'm not eligible? I've only had my license suspended five times."

"What you mean I can't go to traffic school? I went to my DUI classes."

"Buck inserted her fingers inside Molly's rear end. Even that didn't get her to release."

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have long listened to Rammstein. I love their work. This video is a mind trip, and very well executed, even for them:

And no, I don't speak German. I do often look up lyrics, especially when they intrigue me...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writing Some

So, back on Bridge of The Broken, and writing some good stuff. At least, much more so than I have been able to put up in the last few months.

It seems that every Spring is a slow period for me, creatively. I hope I can overcome such things if I am ever well-established enough to leave the day jobbery.

A kid can dream, can't he?

For now, toil.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Demise Of a Villain

I am a fan of our armed forces and the citizen soldiers that defend our nation and its freedoms. I worry about the future of our relations in the Mid-East, but our relations there have always been irregular and divisive, both for Americans and the people of the region. Fearful of religious states that, by the rhetoric used to come to power, must try and convert or make war on the non-believer, US and British governments have made a series of deals with evils they recognized over the devils they did not.

Regardless of the overarching geopolitical situation and its ramifications, it was about fucking time! For years we have been hunting this one creature, this mastermind of the most violent crime ever perpetrated on US soil. Three presidents tried to deal with this mad dog, and only the last succeeded.

The one thing I must say impressed me about Obama’s actions is that he didn’t order a missile strike, air strike or other ‘less invasive’ method of dealing with Bin Laden. No, POTUS put men in harm’s way to accomplish a mission that could not have been brought to a resolution by pointing at a crater and saying: there lies the scattered bits of our enemy. Clinton and Bush were both guilty of trying for the villain with lesser measures. Both failed. Even if they’d managed to kill him, Bin Laden would have become an Evil Elvis, always alive in the minds of the creatures he fed with his rhetoric of hate.

Here’s to the men who risked their lives to eliminate the threat Bin Laden posed, and the President that ordered them in.

I thank you.