Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recovering From The Pee-Pee Slap

Well, I think I am recovered, at least partially, from having my hopeful writer's pee-pee slapped by the vast and brutal hand of reality.

This weekend was a very nice time spent with my girls and running Greedy Little Bastards. We went and watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. I found it the best of the movies since the first, but that may be because of the mermaids (Oh man, the mermaids), or Penelope (Oh man, Penelope.).

I also resumed work on Bridge Of The Broken, something I have been unable to dig into with any real fervor since the pee-pee slap. It is flowing well, and rather pleasantly fast. I am hoping to keep it thundering along.

And as Peter said, "It's not over until you quit."

I don't plan to quit, that's certain.

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