Monday, September 20, 2010

ADD and Dyslexia?

Some things, like typing smeeling instead of smelling, just bring a smile to my face.  I dunno why, they just do.  I wonder at the scribe-monks of the midieval era and whether some things they spelled differently were simply because it made them smile. 

I have a fascination with the way I type and mis-type things, partly stemming form my continuing struggles with dyslexia (see, I misspelled something in that previous sentence, and it wasn't the 'five dollar' word).  I have managed to train myself pretty thoroughly against most errors.  Usually it's words like believe and others that, even with the I before E rules and such, I just cannot seem to soak up.  One just seems like it might be in front of another.  I have to make little hand movements when hand-writing a b or d.  It's the way I'm wired.

And before you ask, learning to march was an absolute fucking bithc!

I wonder at it sometimes, and sometimes I get angry at my errors. 

At others I just laugh.  I mean, come the fuck on, ADD and dyslexia?  Smeeling?  How can you not laugh?



  1. I've always created new words for myself when typing...some I actually use, and have gotten others to use! For instance, "speediate" - to make something go faster by getting someone else to do it.

  2. With my boy recently diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, you're definitely an inspiration for what's possible.