Thursday, September 9, 2010


It has been my experience that any situation that needs unfucking generally got fucked by someone else, and they aren't around to unfuck it themselves. Or, worse yet, they are around and incapable of accepting responsibility for fucking their own shit up. Further, they want someone to hold their hand and do battle with the fucked situation unfolding about them, generally with all the pleasurable rack, ruin, bloody mess and screaming of a ninety-mile-an-hour-miscarriage.

I tire of the fucked-in-head who suckle at the tit of ignorance, believing that the tit remain there and theirs; unchallenged, eternal. That some unfucking specialist will remedy their self-made clusterfuck each and every time they decided to mount Fate and give it a good pounding with the cock of their stupidity.

To those ignorant fucktards: Educate yourself, but never believe you have all of the answers, or even the right one, on any given issue. Be restless. Quest. Seek. Internalize what you learn, but do not become a black hole into which knowledge sinks and does not return. Force yourself to the discomfitting thought.


Do it long enough, hard enough, and your own life might suddenly evolve from a series of painful, searing blunders into idiocy to something resembling life. You might even be called on to unfuck someone else's situation.

And for those pig-ignorant fucktards who can't let go of the massive tit of ignorance and its cream-dripping nipple of bias:  fuck you.

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