Friday, September 17, 2010

Twittage and Catching Up

This week the #Litchat was all about the oppression of man upon the women writing literature.  I opted out.  I shall return next week. Maybe.  But only if I can oppress.

I look forward to #scifichat this week, as it's about Post-Cyberpunk science fiction.  I liked Gibson, but LOVED Walter Jon Williams' Hardwired.  I grew up reading cyberpunk along with military SF like David Drake and Jerry Pournelle so I am interesteed to see if what I write qualifies under the genre.

This week's #1 rager:  @GiasGirl has overtaken the famed tirade of @JohnCusack.  She's got it in for @TilaOMG and just added #Shitmydadsays to her skin-ripping roastage.

So much to do, so little time to do it. 

I am on target for the end of this month to finish The Last Captain.  I can't fuckin' wait.

Boo got hurt in her soccer game last night. A shame besides the pain, in that we might have won had she been able to stay in (Yes, she's that good.).

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