Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shit I Need But Probably Won't Get

1) A new gut: I need a slimmer one, this one's all pallid, slack, and bouncy. Reminds me of a bullfrog's belly.

2) Glasses: The eye-pads on this one are yellow and didn't start that way.

3) Laptop: Ye old Viao has been incredibly reliable, but it's dirty, overheats under my right wrist, and is starting to cramp my style with summat frequent blue screens of death.

4) Tires for the bike: I do so much straight-up riding my tires have a bit of a stepped pyramid-look going. Dangerous for the occasions when I do take a corner deep and hard, not to mention when the rains start.

5) New Roof: That's right, the house needs a new one. No leaks, but I can't let it get that bad.

6) Teeth: I still need to get implants in the back where I let things get way out of...hand?

7) Scrivener: This looks like exacly what my ADDass writer brain needs. If go over to the Dark Side and join the Apple nuts with one of their laptops or an iPad, I could get this program now. If I don't, I can wait 'til January or February for a Windows version.

8) A book deal: The Last Captain is reaching it's rage-filled conclusion, and I would sure like to get a book deal in the new year.

9) Renewed patience for the bullshit: 'Nuff said, I should think.

10) Cleats: So I don't fall and injure myself trying to demonstrate ball skills for my daughter's soccer team.


  1. Don't do it man!! Stick with the PC!!

  2. Too late, I have been sucked into the vortex of the Mac, never to be heard from again...