Thursday, September 2, 2010

Careful What Data You Ask For, You Might Just Get It

A friend of mine, the same one who told me to blog a few of my cop stories, also informed me how to track the whos and whats of my blog visits, using Big Brother...

Big Brother, in this case, is Google Analytics, a terrifyingly efficient and brutal data aquisition module I added to my blog about three months ago.  Yes, I've been tracking you, visitors to my little musty mind space. I know the cities whence you come, what browser you use, how many pages you peruse, and even how long you stay...

I can't claim to be anyone's Big Brother, I doubt I can even claim to be a big brother... Some stats to prove my decided lack o' impact upon the world through the dates of June 17 to Sept 2: 2010

1112 Visits to the site
Meaning times the blog was visited.

304 Unique Visitors
Meaning people who vistited the blog

27% return rate.
Meaning that most people return and read something I've posted about four times, which indicates that those that do stop in like what they read.

4 Minutes, 17 seconds is the average time that most remain on-site
A clear indication no one wants to listen to more than one song of the music I put up, if any.

The vast majority of visitors are from the US
Go figure. Most of the people I know are living here.  It is an english language blog, too.

Followed (from a great distance) by the UK, Switzerland, and Canada
Some strange, to me, locations pop up:  Poland, Finland, Czech Republic... Most are short-timers I assume were led astray by their search engines, but Poland stands out as one nation where someone's really reading... or listening.

All in all, my friend was right!

Few want to hear about my writing, most want to hear cop stories.  Ah well, hopefully my writing will one day convey some very beleivable yet fictional cop stories and those numbers will go up.


  1. Just thought that I'd mention on your music postings that I'm sure iTunes approves of them given that I've ended up buying a number of songs there after listening :-P

  2. That's me, pimpin' iTunes for cash... Oh wait, they aren't paying me... Damn. Guess I will have to seek another revenue stream...

    And it's very gratifying to know I am being read by people in Arkansas.