Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some May Wonder...

Some may wonder why I've been rather intermittent with the bloggage lately.  The reason is simple:  I have been eating my way through some of the finer restaruants in the Bay Area with Mark L. Van Name and his companions in culinary exploration, Jennie and Ticia.

For the price of a ride, walking tour of Mission streets, and what little contribution I can make to table conversation, I was treated to Chez Panisse on Thursday, Ti Couz for lunch yesterday, a milkshake at St. Francis Soda Fountain, and Incanto last night.  All were good meals, but the company and conversation were what drove the excursions from the merely pleasant to the exceptional experience.

Tonight: SF in SF, then Flour + Water. 

I'm gonna 'splode all over the wall at this rate.

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