Friday, September 3, 2010

Not Much To Rant About

In order to better quasi-stalk a writer friend of mine, I recently started Twittering.  Now I think I may have already managed to become an irritant to some of the folks I have met there.  At least, they are replying to my messages... If they aren't irritated, then they might actually be, dare I say it, replying to what I am saying? Such a novel idea.  Perhaps I should read further.

Well, being such a joiner, I joined a couple of chat groups there: namely #litchat and #scifichat.  Both are fast-moving forums where much is discussed.  Litchat is three times a week, and often has very serious Names as guest speakers or just sitting in and adding to the discussion. It is, of course, right smack in the middle of my work day, so I am not able to be as attentive to it as I would like, but there is usually a log of the chat available a few days later. I have thus been able to monitor some interesting discussions, and made some new aquaintances (I dare not say friends yet).

Today's Scifichat (which is thankfully during my lunch) was about the Hugos and Nebulas, and was a spirited discussion that CJ Cherryh joined in on.  Having won both, I believe, she had some brief yet pithy statements to make about them and graciously answered some questions, even ones I had.  Remarkable.

But enough about the things I am learning, the really cool thing about Twitter is I can hear all about what Sarah Silverman

Aisha Tyler

or John Cusack

 want me to hear about what they might be doing or heated about at any given time they choose to let the twitterverse know they are up to something. 

I am beside myself with fanboi paroxyms of joy!

Not really, but it is fun to read posts from people who seem genuine, even through the 100 character filter of the Twit...

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