Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Attic Of The Mind, & The Spiders That Dwell Therein

I have a need, a need for something to blow the bullshit out of the attic of my brain. Musty in here. Is that a bloody cobweb? Rat-droppings? Gorilla hair?

It's there: that old, open album of photos that has seen one too many days in the sole beam of sunlight that pentrates the leaky roof of my brainbucket. In it are images I want, no, must get out, but I can only seem to work around the edges, trying to save each picture entire, even as uncertainty spreads in my gut like bad seafood.

Jeez, but writing it right is hard.

So much easier to learn about the effects of drugs on spiders:

Be sure to watch it all the way through... Extremely educational...

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