Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking 9o,ooo Words

Just some catching up:

Finally, finally nearing the end of the climax of The Last Captain.  Lots o' blood bein' spilt, and humpty dumpty won't ever be put back together again, at least until the sequel, and then he won't be recognizable.

Talked to one of my buddies from Geneva today, and he had some solid points to make about the early draft.  He picked up on the some of the character's flaws and foibles, which is a very hopeful thing. It is nice to know my attempts at clever reveals for some of the reasons my characters act as they do, are being read as flaws of the character, rather than flaws in the writing.

I'm very happy to be off today, my wife's birthday.  She liked her gifts and cards, and is in for a suprise tonight.

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