Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Midnight Beast

Running through YouTube, and found The Midnight Beast, a terrifying combination of music, physical comedy and scatalogic commentary.

Danger! Danger! Warning! Very Politically Incorrect:

And still more:

Careful, they're ninjas. Don't want any shit in your car, now, do you?


  1. Hey man! Just wanted to thank you for leaving intelligent and often funny comments on the blog so often. Might move to the approval system, might disable them, though. Not sure yet. Probably approval.

  2. Thanks. I like the approval mechanism, it avoids the occasional bot post.

  3. You can't disable the comments after that last post of yours! At least, you can't do so and leave me with no way to email you! Please send me a seperate response to this with your email addy, which I won't publish, I promise.

    Congratulations, Robert. It's... really hard to describe, fatherhood. I'm sure you'll find a way.