Friday, July 16, 2010

Magic Mix of Modern Technology And The Ancient

Forward Looking Infra-Red systems are amazing, and our department has a few handheld ones. Our department's helicopter crashed in 1999, killing our air crew, and we currently have no air asset. This is unlikely to change, as the voters in San Francisco do not like the idea of 'big brother' looking down on their grow-houses (The heat of the grow lights shows up like the sun on FLIR).

The technology allowing us to penetrate the darkness is astounding on its own, but to think that they are seeing through the darkness while hovering in the air, summoning officers to the scene without line of sight, and it becomes almost magical...

Adding the dog, one of our most ancient technologies, to the mix, makes it magical. A well-trained meat-missile of teeth and fur bent on doing it's master's bidding is thrilling to watch.

Then add the teamwork of the humans involved and it becomes almost transcendant and somewhat beautiful to watch...

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