Friday, July 9, 2010

Diet Time

The recent decision by a Southern California jury to convict Messehrle, a BART police officer, of involuntary manslaughter has been used by anarchists and others who rage against the machine as a reason to run riot.

Most people seek to avoid jury duty, standing around the water cooler trying to figure a way to get out of it. Most that have done their civic duty are never been called upon to make a decision as weighty as that facing the jury on this case.

The jury's decision was proper, I think. The man made a grevious mistake in judgement. With the arrestee prone on the floor and in handcuffs, there appeared little cause for going to a tazer. Certainly the man didn't get up in the morning and say, "I'm going head-hunting today."

So, the decision of the jury was rendered just after 1600 yesterday. The family wasn't happy with it, but how can they be expected to? They lost a son, and a young one at that. The news played, repeatedly, the recording of the mother's pain.

The riots didn't get underway until the news media managed to build a head of steam, to serve up their bullshit as 'concern' and 'fears'.

The public has their ignorance fed.

So it grows.

Bread and Circuses are now one, a seemless whole that drowns the peacemakers, the moderates, in two second sound bytes and lack of ratings.

The news media loves to feed your ignorance: They give you directions where to go, where the police are, where lawlessness and disorder dominate, provide loudspeakers for fools & demagogues, and repeat images so often they burn behind the eyes.

Turn it off.


Feed your own.

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