Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth

Karen and I took Isabelle to the Singing Flag and Fireworks celebration here in Concord. We have been doing that for the last three years, and I think it will remain a staple of the Fourth for us.

The organizers spend a great deal of time thanking our soldiers, past and present, which is as it should be! Were it not for citizen-soldiers, we would not be celebrating our independence at all, and would never be celebrating more than one hundred and fifty years of unparalleled freedom.

So thank you, men and women of the US armed forces and our allies that have kept us safe through your sacrifice. Thank you very much.

Isabelle was terribly excited for the fireworks and enjoyed it immensely. There is little in the world to compare with a child's delight in things, especially when that child is yours!

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