Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lack O' Polite and Other Shit Issuing From Mouths

Some recent quotes and activities and why they annoy me:


Were you not listening, or do you like to sound fucking ignorant?


No, I didn't tell you to gnaw your arm off, but I might just to get the hell away from you. If you are from the Southeastern US, you get one pass using this, and only when among friends.

"I know it's ten. I was supposed to be here at nine."

It's 1o:oo and you are broadcasting to everyone that you were late? Is there some reason why the world should stop for you? Is our business so unimportant you can't drag your ass to meet us at the designated time? When and where does this make sense? Backwards world?

This one isn't really spoken word, instead it's coughing your lungs up or sneezing and refusing to cover your disease-ridden mouth-hole.

This isn't just rude, it's dangerous. Tuberculosis, swine flu, pneumonic plague, and the common cold (which is common, unlike courtesy) are easily transmitted via that hacking miserable wheeze. Like driving a car without using your turn signals, you're just begging to off someone with this shit.

Another non-verbal rudeness: You are in a meeting with many other adults, and you don't turn your cell phone off. To top it off, your ring tone is some 'bitches and ho's' tune with numerous expletives.

When did it become acceptable to inflict your shitty taste in music on others?

Now, I can be rude. I can even do some of the things I list as annoying...but I usually feel bad about it. Unless you have already exhibited that you are a disrespectful little shit on whom courtesy is wasted. Then I might just do all the above and then some.

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