Friday, April 23, 2010

Riding Along

One of my sister-in-law's friends is a police officer (burglary inspector) with the Geneva police. He and a buddy of his (homicide inspector) are here for a few days.

My sister asked if I would take them on a ride along. I agreed to try for tomorrow and laid the ground work yesterday with my captain. Last night I called them to get a feel for what they wanted to do and what they were like.

Both were very excited, but my French is very dusty. It always pleases me to hear that language spoken, but I had forgotten how speaking it fairly well can get you into trouble with a native speaker: man, but he spoke fast.

Tonight I'll take them out and around town in a short little patrol, assuming I can get permission from the boss. I look forward to it, given the oddities I know about the town I work in.

As The Last Captain is set on Nouvelle Geneve, a planet initially colonzied by Genvois, I am also excited to pick their brains for idiosyncracies of their police force and Swiss police.

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