Monday, April 19, 2010

And... Yet More Scores

Griffin 6, Rats 4

I have resumed offensive operations against the enemy with much success. The quality of the enemy trooper has diminished in the intervening few days. This last infiltrator was almost half the size of the initial storm-troopers I took.

The War goes well, and the rats scurry, squirt the musk of fear, and tremble at the mere mention of my name!

Raised Beds 6, Griffin's back and ass 4 :

Purchased lumber for the raised vegetable gardens yesterday. We are making two 4'x8' beds. Built both frames in a flurry of activity that has my lower back, glutes, and gut screaming, "Make it stop!"

The frames assembled, I have to run water from the existing sprinkler system to both sites in preparation for the drip system. That done, it will be time to dig the frames in and lay the pest mesh down and get soil to fill our little suburban fields. I have an indoor composter, which has been very useful, but it hasn't produced the quantity of compost to even partially fill the beds.

I am excited to see this project done. Even though I am not a huge vegetable fan, my family is quite accomplished at gardening, and I would like to carry on that tradition. Plus, it'll be cheaper than going to the store.

Taxes 1, Griffin 1

The taxes are done for this year. I have been doing my own since I was 15, so this isn't a hair-loss time for me, but it is a chore. One never wins with taxes. As Ben would say, "Nothing is sure in life but death and taxes."

Monitor 10, Griffin 0

Not sure why, but the sony flatscreen monitor I had in the kitchen went green-screen and would not return to normal color. I initially thought it something with the video card or the like, but after cleaning the dust bunnies from the computer and cursing and swearing through the settings, I finally listened to the wisdom of my wife and discovered that it was the monitor by hooking another monitor to the computer...

The Last Captain:

I cranked a page out yesterday, but otherwise did not get all that I had hoped to done this weekend.

Sinus Infection 1, Griffin 1

I am about even with my sinus infection, having had the energy to do all that I did yesterday... But man the allergies are going to be brutal this year.


  1. Good job on the writing. Keep moving ahead, one foot in front of the other.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Got quite a bit written today, rather unexpectedly. Probably going to post it mañana, to see if the humror works...