Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday Was A Good Day

No, really. I had a most excellent time with my two new friends, Didier and Frederic. Both are great guys, with bright futures in law enforcement. We all found it very interesting the differences and similarities between the policies of our departments, the policework we are called on to do, and the people we police.

I was unable to take them on a ride along, as someone completely blew that. It appears that there is a lawsuit pending. Many times, police are our own worst enemies. They were very happy with some patches and shirts I was able to find for them.

We then walked about the Mission District, and I told them some tales of those days. They told me some stories of my still-older stomping grounds, and policing the city I grew to love as a teenager and young man.

We visited with a French-American friend of mine who lives in the Mission that I met and befriended walking the 24th Street footbeat. He had tales for them as well, and helped to entertain the pair.

For dinner we went to Truly Mediterranean, a hole in the wall that is the best place I have found in the US for a shwarma. Gnoshing on the flatbread-wrapped bit of heaven, and remembering the days of my youth, I asked about an old friend of mine, Daniel.

Wildly, both knew him. Frederic is a sometime houseguest at his place, and worked for him for a year on finishing the academy. Daniel and I met while I was still at Ecolint. He was already an attorney then and a few years older than I, but always treated me as a friend and equal. If I understood properly, my old friend is now the equivalent of the attorney general for the Canton of Geneva, married, with two children.

Then it was off to Blondie's, a favorite watering hole of mine. I know th e owner, who is fun and employs a great crew. Two other officers of my aquaintance showed up, one of whom is quite the cut-up. Later, a DA friend of mine also put in an appearance. We called it quits at about midnight, having had quite the night.

I was tired as hell when I came home, having spoken french for at least eighty percent of the night, spanish for ten, and english for the remainder... It had been a long time, but I do so love the language.

But Friday was a very good day!

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