Thursday, March 18, 2010

You can't ruin my day today, you really can't

The first little game book is up and for sale. My pride is all out of scale with my achievement, but I cannot help but smile, even with the gang of stressed out folks trying to make the court bend to their will today.

Here it is: Everytown

I did it!

I did it with help:

Max: I cannot thank you enough for looking to make our games better. If not for you, I would not have met Moose, not have been constantly challenged to make my games, and therefore my stories, better.

Moose: I cannot thank you enough for making those calls and writing those emails on my behalf, and steadfastly backing my ability with the company. Your maps make it work!

To my other players: thanks so much for your participation in my weekend wildness. I hope you've had fun.

To my family: thanks for putting up with me and my friends bashing about the house and making things a mess far too frequently. Thanks for not grumbling when I replied to requests for more time with, "I have to write."

Thanks to you all for being who you are, and helping me be me.

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