Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ick, and Other News

I am feeling much better, and woke this morning without any additional rocks in my head than my brain. I had the heat off, which seemed to help. Hot dry air = bad Griffin sinuses.

My mother-in-law is in hospital with some kind of scare we are trying to figure out, and has spent the night in hospital under observation.

In related news: (pun intended) one of my wife's great-uncles died recently and a significant portion of the family can't be bothered to put their bullshit aside to pay their proper respects, so I will be a pall-bearer on Wednesday when he is laid to rest. As I am the only tall guy among my wife's short maternal relatives, it shall be an uneven ride that he is sure to smile at from wherever he will be observing (He was a six footer too).

I liked him a lot, though I only met him once. A veteran and good man. I shall miss the opportunity to get to know him better.

My mom is fine, as is my dad, brother and his family. My mom is now officially bionic, having had total knee replacement. Apprently she's chasing the cat and trying to trip the dog in a revenge trip.

The dog must have eaten something bad, because he keeps trying to hurl and hasn't bothered me to go out.

The cat is still a murderous bastard.

I am still tired of all the stupid people, who appear to be breeding a race of even more stupid people.

Oh, and I had an exceptional laugh this weekend, thanks to my buddy Rob:

He ripped one, a rather virulent one at that. Everyone noticed the foulness and let him know their disgust.

Once we were all wearing our smelled something bad faces, he asked, "What? Don't you like my ass molecules?"

I joined a chorus of, "What?"

He wiggled the fingers of his right hand in front of his nose, "Don't you like knowing those molecules came from inside my ass?"

Then there were two reasons to have tears flowing from our eyes.

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