Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strikeforce/M-1 Results

Pat Healy v. Josh Thomson:

Good match, and I am not just saying that because my choice won. It was an awesome display of ground fighting and strategy. Watching Thomson fight is a blast.

Cristiane Santos v. Jan Finney:

I'm not sure this fight was good for women's MMA. The beating Finney took was very one-sided. Finney is tough as nails, and if she had five more inches of reach, might have made a better fight of it. She did go to the second round, which I don't believe any other fighter has done in the last five years.

The female ref made a great call penalizing 'Cyborg' for punches to the back of Finney's head. The ref repeatedly warned her, Cyborg was winning handily without them, and they were, as all Cyborg's punches, extremely powerful.

As I called it.

Cung Le v. Scott Smith:

Good fight, hard fought. Le beat Scott, as I thought he would. Scott is game, but fairly one-dimensional.

As I called it.

Fedor Emelianenko v. Fabricio Werdum:

Holy Shit! Werdum's one chance to win, and he executed flawlessly! Got tagged and put on his butt, Fedor followed up very aggressively and Werdum sucked him in for an arm bar after one minute four seconds.

"The one that doesn't stand up, doesn't fall," Fedor said after the fight. Fascinating guy. M-1 is not going to do well as a promotion from here on out. Insanely interested in the Overeem vs Werdum fight.

While not as I called it, Werdum did win the way I gave him a chance.

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