Thursday, June 17, 2010

June is a very busy month for me, MMA, and World Cup Soccer!

Been very busy, but nowhere near busy enough to warrant the lack of production in writing I have had the last few weeks. It seems that summer is a slow time for the creative juices.

The new bike is growing on me as I break it in. Got the fly screen yesterday, making this morning's ride in much more comfortable.

Watching the Swiss hold the Spanish off and win was a heart-rending experience. Having lived (and loved living) in both countries, I was on the fence for the most part. My love of the underdog kept me rooting for the Swiss more than Spain, but God, what a match!

I watched the Strikeforce fights last night, and while the card was short, it contained some very good fights:

KJ Noons has been overbilled, I think. He is a great boxer, but Heun, who took the fight on less than two week's notice, took his shots and kept coming, showing a better mix of MMA skills than Noons. Heun kept coming, pressing Noons the entire fight, controlling the cage, he had one effective takedown, the only one of the fight. He took a beating, his face looking like hamburger by the end. The judges decision went for Noons, which I felt had more to do with the promotion's hopes for Noons than how well he did in the cage.

Cyborg destroyed Zaromskis. Full stop. A few great exchanges and it was over quick.

Tim Kennedy handily won his match, submitting Prangley a lengthy set of scrambles on the ground. He's now training full time, and may become a serious force to be reckoned with.

In the main event, Bobalu Sobral fought very well last night, edging out Lawler, who seemed to have no plan. Sobral also took a beating, while Lawler looked like he could have fought another opponent.

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