Monday, June 7, 2010

Further Praise for Good Safety Equipment

I haven't been getting much writing done, but the wrist is getting steadily better, so I should have less excuses.

This morning I was getting ready to go to work on the new bike and picked up the gloves that I wore in the accident. I hadn't put them on since the accident, test-riding with my hot-weather gloves. I discovered a two-inch tear in the left glove beside the composite knuckleguards. The stitching and leather ripped when they struck something, but protected me from injury to that hand. Protected me so well I didn't even notice the damage until putting them on.

I swallowed when I thought about what might have happened had I not listened to my moto-guru, Nate, when he told me, "You can buy a cheap, shitty bike, but you have to spend top dollar on good safety gear. Don't ever skimp on it." My jacket and pants survived the incident. My helmet didn't, and neither did my gloves. I did, and did it in style. Lucky me.

I would have been unable to write at all if I hadn't been wearing all the good protection that generally keeps me uncomfortably warm and makes me look like the minion of some bad guy in B movie thrillers and action flicks... Money well spent. Sweat is good for you, after all.

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  1. I can't echo your statements enough. My wife is an RN in a long-term rehab facility and I volunteer there. It's so sad to see formerly healthy adults reduced to emaciated children because they chose not to wear a helmet or other safety gear when riding a motorcycle.