Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writing, Wrist, Wrecks, and Weirdness

Well, my wrist is getting better, I think. Though it is still taped and clicks a bit, I am able to write this. I will return to work today, both on The Last Captain and in the courts.

I am a fan of getting value for my dollar, and have seen things go sideways when trying to negotiate insurance claims alone, so when the accident happened, I made sure to use my insurance company to the fullest extent, dealing with the other driver and her insurance company through my insurance company. I provide all the information I have to my people, counting on them to communicate to the other side and those involved what they need to know. This in mind, I told my insurance on Friday that the bike shop where I left my damaged Triumph is closed on Mondays (Most bike shops are) and opens at ten am today. I got a call at eight am from the adjuster, who claimed not to know the shop didn't open till ten. He then claimed he didn't think he'd be able to make it until tomorrow. Frustrating.

Recently my favorite writer and friend (Hint: he is in the photo at right) was riding his motorcycle the day after getting a new rear tire and tune-up for his bike. He was cut off and went down. The driver at fault decided not to stick around and fled the scene of his mistake. Thankfully my friend was travelling at a relatively low speed when he went down and wasn't injured terribly badly.

The similarities of our incidents provoke an appreciation of the Strangeness.

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