Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Very Pleasant Day

Dropped my bike off this morning for service, and was told it would be done by about 1630.

The wife and I went to lunch at Chow with my mentor and friend, Mark, as well as his wife, Syl. We rarely get to meet away from work, as they live in the city and the demands of family life and work severely limit our chances to just grab dinner.

Lunch was outstanding. Truly outstanding. The conversation ranged all over the place, and many a laugh was had. We were still chuckling away when, at 1600, the dealership called to tell me that they had only just started on the bike, and that they wanted to keep it overnight. This was not acceptable, as I have dinner tomorrow night with Isabelle's soccer team.

We called it an afternoon and I went to the dealership, where I gave the service rep a ration of shit for quoting me an incorrect time frame for the work they were going to do.

I then got the bill, and apologized. They had done all the work but replacing the hydraulic fluid in my forks. I had thought they had done almost nothing. I still need the forks looked at, but it can wait a bit.

I got home and just finished watching the Fox comedy The Good Guys, which I found very, very funny. Now I am watching a PBS program, Ground War, which plays to my military history interests.

Later, sleep.

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