Monday, May 17, 2010

Got Some Done

I managed to get some writing done and have fun this weekend, though this morning was more productive on the former and Sunday for the latter.

Moose's game was fun, and my MI-6 operative got a chance to shine in brutally efficient fashion. We had a few chuckles and crunched through a blood-drenched combat. I lost my accent midway through the game, something I need to work on.

I am working on the climax for The Last Captain and finally having fun with it

Last night my friend asked if he could dig in and offer opinion on some of the Twilight 2013 work I am doing. This evening he had some very valuable things to say that I believe will be helpful. With the timeline and events of the scenario I had allowed the players to really screw things up if they were impatient. I believe the scenario will need to be put later in the order of the scenarios, so that the ramifications of play will not derail the desire of the players and gamemaster to continue playing with both the setting of Everytown and the continuing scenarios.

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