Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Shall Better April

I am bound and determined that it be so...

April started with the loss of my cell phone and wallet and the only high point was the visit from my new Swiss police friends.

May began with a Saturday filled with lots of fun and entertainment:

I managed to write quite a bit on The Last Captain. I think I have figured out the climax, and the writing slams forward apace. It has been quite some time since I felt such confidence working on it.

Isabelle's soccer match went well and she scored a few goals. More importantly, she managed several assists. The opposing team had lots of speed, the first time we have faced a team possessing equal or greater speed than our own.

Last night I got to play Twilight 2013. Moose, who I earlier mentioned was having difficulty founding a new group, started his Kosovo campaign last night with three of the players I have been running games for and a new fellow. The new guy fit in quite quick. I was astonished to see Moose had found someone taller than him to play with. There are few people who make me feel small, but I was definately playing with some large mammals last night.

We all spent a great deal of last night's session making our characters and integrating them into the group. I am playing Slobodan Tosic, a Serbian-born British citizen and MI-6 field agent code-named 'Nishlia' that stayed behind in Kosovo when the rest of the embassy staff pulled out. He's a bitter and determined man who desires only to survive and prosper in the hell the world has become.

We had an absurd amount of equipment dice because of both Nishlia's experience and another of the player's, so I think we will set ourselves up as a 21st Century Third Man and group. There is another field agent in the group, a Russian ex-pat and two Americans who were part of a private military corporation that fell apart.

It was nice for me to just do my own thing instead of managing all the threads of the story. I about burst a blood vessel laughing. At my own joke, of course. I am that kind of dork.

A very nice time. I think this game might have legs. We shall see.

Regardless, May is already better than April.

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