Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recent Activity

I am sick AGAIN. A cold snuck up on me and bit my throat. I need to see an allergist, I think. I am tired of sucking air through rocks in my nose every morning.

I printed out The Last Captain today. I had become a bit lost in my own plot, which, while mildly entertaining, was a bit worrisome. There is an element of mystery to this book, and it is a challenge to keep it all organized. Now I am taking highlighters to it in order to organize for myself who knows what and when they learn it. I also managed to get a bit of writing done, despite the ick and the confusion.

I am still waiting on both checks and publication of the stuff I did for the games studio. The weather out there is still abominable, so I am not feeling very impatient.

Once I get those checks, I will purchase my membership for World Fantasy 2010, in that Mecca of Metropoli, COLOMBUS, OHIO! And shortly after, my hotel reservations and plane tickets. I sent several of my Facebook pals a message about it, hopefully they will be able to attend. I highly recommend it, and I haven't seen many of them in some time.

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