Friday, February 12, 2010

O Canada

I lived in the Great White North when a child. Toronto, to be exact. I was so young I only dimly remember a few things: a man on horseback (a Mountie), a guardrail (the one on our driveway), a pool, my Bigwheel (flying by the guardrail at mach one on the bigwheel) and a very few other things.

This summer my father sprang for a cruise for the whole family, grandchildren and all. The Cruise went through Alaska and ended in Vancouver. We saw very little of that fine city, but I did like what I could see. I want to return, and more than once. I do cold much better than heat.

I've known many Canadians, and liked them all. They are a kind people, regardless of ethnic origin. Even the French Canadians.

Tonight I watch the opening of the Olympic Games.

I pray there are no incidents of terrorism. I know the men and women of the international law enforcement community hope, planned and prepared against such an event.

Here's praying they were successful.

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