Saturday, February 20, 2010

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

Reading Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement right now. It is written by Ph.D. Kevin Gilmartin, and is an exceptional exploration and explanation of the particular strangeness of the emotional life of law enforcement personnel.

I've felt gut-shot a few times, reading it. It explained some of my own behavior, my wife's responses to it, and many of idiosyncrasies of my colleagues.

Despite the short length of the book, I am not quite done with it as each section makes me want to ruminate on it. I particularly liked the sections on assholes and bullshit.

If you have an interest in why cops do things the way they do, and what they think of what it is they do, then I suggest you read it. If you are related to a police officer, I highly recommend it. If you are LE, you should already have read it.

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