Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My survival team: straight 'pocolypse...

While I can't talk about any specifics of what I am writing, I thought I'd talk about the game I am writing for. It is a post-apololyptic roleplaying game called Twilight 2013. This is the third edition of the game, which was very popular with military and non-military roleplayers in the eighties. Think 'Red Dawn' with realistic combat instead of Hollywood magic. The world had gone over the edge, with the Soviet Union and NATO fighting the war we so long prepared for. The current rendition has a more varied political landscape, and a far better rules system.

With recent movies and the History Channel's current addiction to apocolyptic fare, I haven't had to look very far to find inspiration. The other night I was thinking on who I would want around me for some future event,something my friends and I would often do when we were teenagers.

Today's post is an extension of that. In clear terms, who among my friends would I need around me in the end times:

Mr C: A dentist, he's also a hunter (crossbow and shotgun), brewer, and vinter, not to mention sausage maker, keeps big dog.

Mr M: Talk the pants off you and have you thinking you had the good deal out of it, army medic, not afraid of guns, keeps big dog.

Mr M2: Police Officer, does his own hand re-loads, big son of a bitch, bit of ranch experience.

Mr N: Police officer, carpenter, fast shot, great teacher. Keeps big dogs.

Mr K: Police Officer, martial artist, ass-kicker, silverback, frighteningly accurate with pistol, good teacher

Mr D: martial artist, good shot, very fast learner, industrial/disaster safety and security specialist, can do anything he sets his mind to, sick driver, not a bad wrench.

It occurs to me that I need more agriculture specialists, medical skills, and electrician/engineers. It's hard to get it all together and of course the families of each will have to be provided for.

This list only scratches the surface, and is meant only for surviving a straight apocolypse, not rebuilding after or surviving a Zombie apocolypse. Those are for future posts...

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  1. I've been reading through Twilight:2013 on and off recently. I'm impressed by some of the rules systems, particularly some of the ideas in the combat rules.

    I'm also pleased by the way they handle starting equipment. I can recall the tedium of equipment purchases actually preventing a campaign from getting started back under the original rules. The new "take what you can carry" system looks like it would speed up equipment purchases a lot.

    I'm looking forward to whatever project it is you're working on, the combination of a good game with you writing for it should be awesome!