Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hunting, after the Apocolypse

When we got out of the shelter, after the bombs stopped fallin, we found things were bad, real bad. There were new critters running around. Some of the old critters had changed. This one got Bob an' three a our dogs afore we could end 'im. Took a full clip o .223, the big bastard. Don't let the fuzzy tail fool you, he's got nasty, pointy teef, more'n I do, as a matter o fact.


  1. Heh, speaking of rednecks and Twilight:2000/2013, I always got a kick out of the Airlords of the Ozarks adventure since it was set where I lived, even if it was pretty obvious that the author hadn't spent any real time here :-P

  2. Huh, the pic makes me think of a captain Morgan commercial...

  3. Spot on. I was thinking of doing several different captions for it.

  4. Some comments from the guys at work:

    "Is that some kind of bear?"

    "That a lion?"

    "I'm not a hunter."

    Few got it right off. To be fair, they are older gents with eyesight issues.