Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey Buddy, Did You Just See a Real Bright Light?

Terminator is on MGM tonight, and I had to ask myself, and you, the hordes of mighty readers, "Is Bill Paxton in every science fiction or action movie of the eighties?"

Notable quotes:

As the punk leader, "Hey man, must be laundry day"
Chet the booger demon, "Cover yourself, for God sake!"
The Marine commenting on whether someone knows, "We just got our asses kicked."
As an intercept officer, "Sir, they're talkin'"
As a cop wearing a less than subtle suit, "Hey man, subtle is my middle name!"

In other news:

My buddy Tom from my Peoria High School days is here (Well sort of, he went out today to pursue a lady). We've had a good time. I didn't get too drunk on New Years. I even made it home before 0100 and got up at 0900. Tom did get a bit more destroyed than I, but then he's entitled, having returned from Afghanistan only a few short months ago and not having been in one place long enough to really decompress.

I've been working on my first paid writing gig over the last week, and just had the work accepted by the guy who commissioned the work. I'll have a conference call with him tomorrow to discuss any issues and some further projects he wants me to tackle. I find myself incredibly excited. Even though the work will be published in small print and PDF only, at that. It is a paid writing credit, and a good thing.

Overall, 2010 is starting nice, real nice.

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