Friday, November 13, 2009

Writing It Out While Riding It Out

I first forked a motorbike at the tender age of 35. I haven't looked back much. I ride a Triumph Speed Four for my commute. She's my first bike, and I've put quite a few miles on her.

I used to operate under the conceit that I was the only guy in northern Cali riding a British bike listening to French rap. The other night I was proved wrong. The owner of the restaraunt I was treated to, Garcon, also rides a Triumph, and is a fellow fan of MC Solaar.

The same day I discovered I wasn't quite the individual I thought I was, I also talked to David Drake about riding. He told me that he does so more because he hates driving from point A to point B so intensely, not because he loves to ride.

I scratched at that a bit and commented, "I love it 'cause you can't think about anything else while you do it. It minimizes cognitive dissonance, and my subconcious can work shit out without thinking about it."

David smiled, looking out the window of the car, "Then it won't be a surprise to you how many plots have worked themselves out for me on my way to the post office."

Recently I have been very happy to have both writing and riding in my life. Writing allows me to concentrate on dealing with one thing at a time and how to tell it. Riding allows me to escape any stress from writing and the things that drive me to write.

Now I just have to console myself that I may be the only American in Northern Cali riding a British Triumph Speed Four listening to French Rap by MC Solaar and writing about it.

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