Sunday, June 19, 2011


Watching Micmacs.

If you do not know the premise: A young boy has his father killed by a mine. His mother is institutionalized, and he is sent to an orphanage. He grows up to be a video clerk. A bystander to a shoot-out, he is shot in the head by a handgun from another arms company. The doctors cannot remove the bullet. He loses his job, but is adopted by a group of eccentric dwellers-beneath-a-junkyard. He convinces his new family to embark on a mission of vengeance against the two men that run the companies.

My, but this is a great example of French film and fine fantasy. Oceans Eleven with a point other than making a few bucks. Hilarious by turns, cleverly filmed, insanely artful, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Again, though, the subtitles are a bit weak. Good enough for the purpose, but still a bit weak.


  1. I'm a great fan of Jeunet's work. I agree, MicMacs was beautiful to look at, but relied on a weak storyline. Amelie, of course, is my my favorite movie of all time, and A Very Long Engagement is beautiful too.

    For a darker, Sweeney Todd-ish tale, have you seen "Delicatessen"? It's another of his starring Dominique Pinon (who I love).

    Have you seen Jeunet's "The City of Lost Children" yet? I'm waiting for that one via Netflix.

  2. No, I have not. I will add them to my 'to be seen list'.