Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The private sector has been hosing many people I know.

Now, the public sector is about to get a royal kick in the nards. I don't believe that they will be laying police in my city off anytime soon, but the clerks I work with are facing a layoff of 41% of the staff.


Them's some apocalyptic numbers.

Because the cuts will start with the junior folks, these aren't the faceless cogs in the machine, these are the helpful ones, the guys who haven't been in their jobs so long that they don't give a fuck. These are the ones with young families who got their shit straight to get a steady job so they could do right by their loved ones.

Now, through stupidity not their own, they are likely going to lose their jobs.

Fuckin' bullshit.


  1. At Berkeley they are calling the process "Operational Excellence" but it results in very little "Excellence" and the decisions are being made by people that are not "Operational."


  2. Okay, so, I giggled when I saw FARTKNOCKERS, and couldn't wait to come over here and read your post because I figured I'd get a definite laugh. But no. This is so sad. :(

    So so sad.

  3. I'm so sorry. It's happening over here as well.
    My town's local politicians have just paid $24,000 dollars on having a mural painted on a footpath underpass, but are laying off staff and shutting down facilities for old folk and the disabled amongst other things.
    At the same time a Centre of Excellence for Gymnasts which has youngsters who represent England as members, wanted to move into a building down town. They have been asked to find $46,000 for a traffic probability survey which they can't afford. It has effectively killed their plans. You get so mad you can't put it into words...