Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Word of The Day


That's all.


  1. I will forever associate the word "yeoman" with the Great Illustrated Classics version of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. That was one of the first books that helped me graduate from Little Golden Books into something actually resembling a novel. Thanks for the jog down memory lane :)

  2. You're welcome, Scott. Do feel free to join and follow.

  3. I will forever associate that word with the yeoman rate granted to personal specialists in the maritime military services. These are the people who, should you piss them off, will screw up your paperwork to the point where you will never, ever get it unscrewed, no matter how hard you try. Smart officers are very, very nice to their yeomen.

  4. I'm in there on Google Connect--just don't have a picture associated.

    I think Myke's version of a yeoman sounds alot more intersting than my lame memories of men in tights fighting with sticks under the boughs of Sherwood. But hey, I'm always a good bet if you need to dial down the coolness factor of something.

  5. Dialing down is all I do, here. It's all about the geek, the freak, and trying for that edge where wit blunts its edge on poor taste.

    I mean, the last word of the day was PUDENDA, man!?