Monday, August 1, 2011

Word of The Day: Crapulous

I am thinking of creating a word of the day to post and then allow my hordes of readers to comment on...

No, I am going to do it, starting now.

So here is one of my favorite words, and one I have felt like several times in my past:


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  1. Crapulous: (adj.) from the Latin crapoli, meaning a state of being with a significant tendency toward all things crappy. Primarily used when one cannot see any good coming out of a situation or a state of being. For example, "I feel like crap because my wife left me and she took my dog." The speaker obviously thinks things are bad, but they could be worse. While he doesn't have the dog, the wife is gone. Compare to, "Things are just crapulous. My wife gave my dog away to my in-laws." Here, the speaker obviously cannot see any good in the situation because the wife has stayed, and the only way he can see the dog is to also visit the in-laws.