Friday, February 25, 2011


I seem to have run down my battery. I need to recharge. I need to let the will-well recover a bit before I start trying to slap the stupid out of people. Not that they don't completely deserve it, it just results in so much paperwork.

I am having the usual crew of miscreants over for Warhammer on Saturday, and the use of Skype to include friends who otherwise couldn't make it has turned out very well.

Other than the game and whatever my daughter wants to do, I hope to act like a recluse, and draw a shell over my head.

Sunday, some writing, I hope. Perhaps I will flash forward to a combat scene, write it, and get some of my mad out that way...Hmmm...

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I use the the line "slap the silly out of me" in one of my manuscripts. Slapping partners for life. *insert manly chest bump here*

    Enjoy the game, and enjoy time with your daughter, and go kick butt on that fight scene.