Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Music That's New To Me

Yesterday I was tooling the internets, looking for entertainment (I had already written a ton for Bridges of The Broken, so relax.) when I went to Eileen Andrews' site. She had there, for my listening pleasure, the Midieaval Baebes. I found their music a wonder and pleasure to listen too, and particularly appropriate as I was reading SM Stirling's The High King of Montival, which I received for Christmas.

Check Medieaval Baebes Out:

And, for fans of Simon & Garfunkle:


  1. If You dig Mediaevil Babes, check out Katherine Blake's old group Miranda Sex Garden. Both are awesome.

  2. Awesome! I used to love the Medaeval (sp?) Baebes. One of their songs was used to incredibly creepy effect in American Psycho. (In Sechreit Nicht, I think. Again, sp?) I looked it up and got hooked.

    I've been unable to find any of their albums, probably because there are so many goddamn different spellings of their names. Maybe I can check them out of Amazon now. Haven't thought to in a while.

  3. Shawn: Miranda Sex Garden was interesting, though the YouTube recordings all seem a bit damaged.

    Robert: Mediaeval Baebes is the spelling used on iTunes, where all their albums are available. And while I misspelled the name, the link does go direct to their website.

    As ever, thanks for showing your interest!

  4. I love their version of Scarborough Fair! :P