Monday, October 4, 2010

Hammering Pistons In The Headspace

I am so close to the finish on The Last Captain, but I have had so many plots running along different tangents for so long that I keep going, "Fuck, what about that?!" Which leads to more scribbling as I rally the troops and wrangle the story into shape.

It feels good though, to be over the hump and have the pistons of story hammering along in my headspace.  I spent five hours yesterday just writing, and I still have shit to say on The Last Captain, which is refreshing.  Usually I am so burnt I don't want to look at it.

In this I've been greatly assisted by Scrivener, the program I bought recently.  I know it will more fully shine in the revision phase, but it has sure been handy already.  I am terribly, terribly excited about that second draft and revising it.

So, back to it.

Oh, and I finally tracked the DA down and he promised me my transcript for the upcoming trial.  He'd best do as he promised, or I will sick this family on him:


  1. Is that five hours straight? Or five ours punctuated with twitter, blogging, email, coffee and jerking off? LOL (sorry, couldn't resist adding that last bit)

  2. Nope, straight up writing.

    Ok, there was a bit of twittage, but only when I need to think on something else for a moment to allow my subconscious to work something out.

    I do not drink coffee.

    I am not popular enough to get many emails.

    And I tend to rub one out to sleep, as it tends not to focus my mind, but relax it.

    And it's good to hear from you, Evil E.

  3. Well now that you've revealed all of your dirty little secrets, what are you writing?
    Good thing I have the attention of a samurai warrior...oh, look, someone tweeted me! LOL
    Evil E

  4. I little bit of SF called The Last Captain. Check down at the bottom for all the subjects, and click on The Last Captain. It should bring up the 19-odd posts related to it, some of which are actual excerpts.