Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ten Signs I'm Getting Older

1) Movies I remember watching as a kid are being remade, and yes, thirty years have passed since I first watched 'em.

2) I have more hair on my back than my head.

3) Video Games I played as a kid appear so clunky they look like a phone from the twenties set next to my cell phone.

4) People of a legal age to drink were born after I started having sex.

5) My kid has a hard time thinking of me as a kid.

6) I can't stay up all night and still function effeciently the next day.

7) I can't drink like a fish and feel okay within a few hours of waking. Now it takes all week, and it's never a good week.

8) Celebrities that die young were younger than I am.

9) The music of my youth sounds dated, even to me.

10) and the worst: Grey hair in the pubes.

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