Sunday, May 4, 2014

Next Week I Appear, And You May See Me...

Going to MarCon in Columbus, Ohio next weekend, for the 1632 MiniCon and another milestone for me: next Saturday, a friend of mine, Alistair Kimble, and I will be putting on a writing workshop at MarCon entitled Law Enforcement For Writers. We'll talk about everything and anything our attendees want to ask or hear about. I'm rather excited to see what people come up with.


  1. Oh, I wish I could come to this. You were very helpful to me with my past police-related questions, especially regarding pepper spray.

  2. Thanks, Beth....

    I hope we will be doing it, or something like it, at every con Alistair and I attend.

    Thinking about it for World Fantasy in November, which I think you must attend!

  3. Thanks for sharing your expertise on law enforcement at MarCon. In addition to learning a ton, it was entertaining as well!