Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Such An Ego Stroke!

So, I was checking in on my story up at the Star Citizen site, and stumbled across this little bit of awesome by a fan of Star Citizen and my story, A SEPARATE LAW:

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  1. It was a pleasure narrating the first part of your wonderful short story. It has just the right tone for a "film"-noir story. There are a lot of space-fights in the story, which feature various ships from the Star Citizen Universe which I assume Cloud Imperium Games has put on your writing Agenda. But is the character interaction that makes the story great.

    It is like in the movies. Special Effects and spectacle is fancy and flashy and might help sell the entertainment product. But it is the human factor that is the basement that hold the story together. Without the well written character(s) all the space battles would feel shallow and pointless.

    That being said, I thought I could give it a shot with voicing Arminius Gates. I have a dark timbre in my voice that might suit the disillusioned, old gritty warhorse quite well, or so I thought. I somehow pictured Bruce Willis in my mind from Sin City when reading the story.

    I would like what you could do with more pages to fill than just a short story. The chracters are interesting but also somewhat archetypes, albeit interestingly composed.

    I am working on reading the rest of the story. I am glad I have your apprehension for bringing a great written story to hopefully a broader audience. But all credit to your writing...