Thursday, July 11, 2013

A SEPARATE LAW begins its serial run on Spectrum Dispatch!

So, a few months ago I got in touch with the folks at Cloud Imperium Games via Chuck Gannon, rainmaker extraordinaire. They read some of my previous work, liked it, and asked that I submit some story ideas, etc. I did one they liked.

We got a contract going, and I wrote A SEPARATE LAW.

Today, part one of that story is up on the Spectrum Dispatch. I very much love the title banner. I hope you enjoy it, and the story.


  1. Yup! nice Story. A good blend of William Gibson and Frederick Forshire.
    but. Why Gates doesn't have kinky sex with Seabrook??! (in a rant blog we all should rant around).

    Good work mate!

  2. Thanks very much for your interest in the story, Carlos. It was a fun write.

    As to the kinky sex thing: much as I might have wanted to, I was required to keep the violence at a certain level and the language at a certain, lower, level. Sex, kinky or otherwise, was never mentioned...which I suppose meant I could have taken it crazy levels of hentai niche-porn weird, but I didn't.

    What a missed opportunity.

    I haz a sad.