Friday, April 26, 2013


“Knows of the Crooked Path, yet thought to ask if we had a Quaestor searching out Pathless?” Qezzon asked.

“Servants of the Old Gods often assume we operate in the same manner.”

Which is not an answer, not really.

“Did he say why he was asking?”

“Pathless corpses cropped up in two places recently. Corpses with gunshot wounds.”



“He thought to ask you if we have a Quaestor running amok, using guns? Is he a fucking idiot?”

“I’d hope you’d know better than that, Qezzon. Gortah is a good man, and merely wants to learn who it is killing folk.”

Qezzon couldn't help but show his contempt: “The deaths of Pathless worry this Dreamer?”

Clemmon bristled, “It wasn’t just Pathless who were shot.”

Qezzon waved that argument away, “But guns are noble-born toys, not something we humble-born have.”

“True, but some temples do pay significant sums of money to arm their Quaestors with expensive weapons to face the Pathless with.”

Just not the Temple of The Crooked Path, no–Istar prefers we bend and take it up the ass.

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