Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes I feel more than a bit jaded, tired of the tawdry shit I see on a daily basis. It makes me angry, sometimes, makes me rant, a lot.

Due to last night's bad news and despite all the generous support I read from those that learned of it, this morning I was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself and ready to take it out on the world.

As my faithful few know, I ride a motorbike for my commute. I bulled that bike into traffic this morning, riding aggressively. Once into traffic I opened the throttle quite strongly, but ended up stopped at the light that always gets me. GRunting curses under my breath, I waited for the interminable light to change so I could get on to work.

As I pulled away, about 1/5 of a mile down the road, there was a man standing between sidewalk and curb, sign in hand.

Now usually I would think, "Fuckin' bum, angling for cash I don't have to pay for his dope habit," but this guy was nowhere near anywhere he might hit up stopped motorists for cash.

When I drew close enough to read his sign, it read simply, 'SMILE' in big red letters on a white background.

He wasn't dressed like a nut, he didn't act like one (aside from standing by the road early in the morning with a sign) and I don't choose to believe he was one.

Instead I think he was placed there, by whatever Power that places such events in our path, to send a message to me and any others that cared to look at 0712Hrs on Treat Ave in Concord, Ca.

The message I drew from it was this: Don't take it all so serious. Things could be much, much worse. Smile.

I smiled so wide it brought tears to my eyes.


  1. I'm so happy for this post, Griffin! You've been on my mind today, after learning about the ugly "no" you received, and I've been sending out good vibes your way. Whoever this person was, holding a sign with a simple yet powerful reminder, I am thankful you saw him and took his advice. =)

  2. I said, before I had word, that I would prefer a negative to the interminable wait I was going through.

    Now I have it, I can't exactly go whining about the taste of the dish before me, can I?

    And thank you very much for your unflagging support.

  3. Sorry about your "No." I know how much rejection can hurt and bring you down. Glad you saw something to boost your mood.