Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Thought Cubicle Farms Like Prisons-

I just didn't know that office workers were like inmates, developing weapons for self-defense and the eventual break-out:

This site is insane! They even did ballistic gel tests of the penetrating power of their projectiles:

And MPS velocity:

Do check it out, just don't shoot anyone: Office Guns


  1. You didn't know this? You should see my desk at work...I'm ready for anything.

  2. When I taught high school, I used to carry sharpened pencils in my pocket, just in case.

  3. This is why if you employ engineers you usually want to keep their working conditions reasonably sane... and let them have nerf guns, it's better than them building their own.

  4. Those look like insane amounts of fun!